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GPS Tracer - Presentation

gps tracerThe GPS Tracer allows to track any vehicle where it i’s installed, and depending on the version, is able to trace its trips for a period up to several months.

The applications are mainly :

  • Anti-theft protection, to locate the vehicle after the theft.
  • Trip surveillance
  • Fleet management

The GPS Tracer is a unique product, because its functioning does neither depend on a server nor a company. It doesn'’t need any subscription : you are the only one responsible for its usage, and all datas stay on your computer. There are no fees to pay (except for the cost of call according to your provider).

The simplicity and the low purchasing cost of the GPS Tracer, besides its different functions, make it a unique product on the market, useful for many applications, in a car, motorbike, scooter, truck.


Created by Elforia Design

ATEX International - 234, route d'Esch - L-1471 Luxembourg