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Personal Tracer - Presentation

The latest innovation for individual tracking

The Personal Tracer contains:

  • A Ublox Antaris 4 GPS receiver, which is one of the most powerful GPS chip on the market
  • A quadband GSM module able to transmit in GPRS and SMS, to know the position of the Tracer in real time
  • A microphone allowing to listen remotely what happens around the Personal Tracer
  • A Panic button making it possible to call a number programmed in advance
  • A Bluetooth module, allowing to use the Personal Tracer as GPS receiver with a PDA or Laptop
  • A Lithium battery allowing 12 H of autonomy
  • A USB connection for battery charge and configuration of the module

Which use?

The Personal Tracer is particularly adapted for the monitoring and the safety of people (old people, children, animals), as well as the tracking of goods or vehicles.

With a GPRS connection and an access to our WiseLocate service, it allows a real time tracking of displacements on any computer connected to Internet.

With a simple request by SMS, it also returns the current position in real time to the requesting mobile phone, for the cost of a SMS, just like our Tracer GPS.

A completely incredible because of its functionalities and its miniaturization.


Created by Elforia Design

ATEX International - 234, route d'Esch - L-1471 Luxembourg