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Welcome on our Web site. International Atex conceives, imports and distributes innovative products for the géolocalisation of possessions and persons, and develop any software solutions around these products. Also discover our innovative equipments for the automobile.

Solution GPS Pro

Solution GPRS-Traceurs GPS

The solution of géolocalisation completes without subscription for the real-time follow-up on Internet of fleets of vehicles.

Solution SMS-Traceur GPS

The solution of géolocalisation by SMS without subscription.

Traceurs GPS Lite

The most economic solution to follow a vehicle at real-time distance with the GPRS.

Traceur Antitheft

A complete system and without subscription to locate(localize) by GPS and immobilize his(her,its) vehicle in case of flight(theft) or of carjacking.

Portable tracers GPS

Traceurs personnels

Mark out GPS / GPRS working on rechargeable battery, for the follow-up at real-time distance and the individual safety(security) (children, agées persons, isolated workers).

GSM traceur "SPT 100"

A Tracer - localisateur GPS, who also allows to phone.

GPS Recorders


All the Trackstick product range available now.

Mouchard GPS "Q1000"

Miniature recorder GPS, Q1000 is also a bluetooth receiver GPS.

Car equipment

HID kits

The lighting in the available Xenon for any vehicle, at a lower cost.

Additional numerical case

More power, more couple, less consumption, for more than 3000 vehicles.

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